The Word is My Life
Friday, October 19, 2018
My Words are life to those that find them . . . . Prov. 4:22

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Christ Alive Church Bible College:
Extension of Bridges Christian College 
In 2015, God opened doors for Dr. Barrett to serve as the director and cohort advisor of Christ Alive Church Bible College.  Christ Alive is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled church that desires to train Christian leaders to fulfill their call.  My responsibility has been to launch the college and secure its connection with Bridges Christian College that provides the instruction.  I am involved with recruitment efforts and also provide support and development of students who enroll at Christ Alive Bible College.  Chapel services as well as hands-on student ministry opportunities are offered.  Tuition is affordable at $1000 per term.  Pastor Mark Ivey's goal is to promote and open the college to the surrounding area to influence the development of Godly leaders in our community and state.  Pray for us! 
Adult Mentoring
I have a passion that compels me: That is the desire to see adults functioning fully in their purpose.  Catawba County in North Carolina -- where I reside -- lost a significant number of jobs during the recession, and those jobs have not returned.  The educational status of the county has not been sufficient to draw major industries to the area.  More than half (53%) of our residents have no post-secondary training.  My vision is to develop a training network, not only to help working-age adults attain degrees, earn certificates, or complete other advanced training, but also to help them develop the internal capacity to function well in today's advanced, complex society.  In addition to improving educational status and income-earning potential, my desire is to see our fractured community rebuilt internally by improving the spiritual, economic, and social well-being of our citizenry.  All I have at this time is a concept, but it is beginning to take shape.  Contact me if you are interested in hearing more!  
Doctoral Education -- Regent University
 Iris Barrett has recently obtained her Doctorate in Education from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.  Regent is a Christian university whose curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview.  Dr. Barrett has successfully completed her doctoral coursework, comprehensive exams, and dissertation defense.  Her dissertation is entitled "Student and Institutional Variables That Affect Time to Degree Completion of Community College Students."  Concentrating in the area of Adult Education, Iris will use her doctorate to build upon her work in adult education and Christian leadership and development.  "God is doing a new thing in my life; He's directing and leading; I'm following.  Pressure's off!  God's plan is unfolding for His Kingdom purposes."  Praise God with me and pursue YOUR call!  
Adult Education Training: Regent University
Dr. Barrett is an adjunct professor with Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and teaches the following courses to doctoral and master degree students:  Leadership and Organizations, Psychology and Development of the Adult Learner, Supervision and Professional Development, Advanced Study of Worldview, and International and Global Issues in Education.  These classes are taught online.  Contact Dr. Barrett for more information.
 Choose to Be Whole
This is the latest writing by Dr. Barrett, Founder and Owner of “The Word is My Life” Training Ministry. For those who have encountered obstacles to finding wholeness in their lives, this book will help tremendously. Especially targeted to those experiencing physical illness, this book will transform the lives of all who read it. Dr. Barrett wrote this book based on physical attacks that came against her own body, and she includes instruction given her by the Spirit of God in how to combat the enemy and walk in wholeness. She shares these powerful strategies clearly and effectively. Christians don’t have to “just live with” everything that happens in their lives. This book will show you how to “Choose to Be Whole”. Contact Dr. Barrett for a copy today.
"Women With a Call"
“Women with a Call” is a ministry of fellowship, encouragement, and instruction for women who are pursuing a closer walk with God. This group is led by Dr. Barrett and meets every month at Christian Community Outreach Ministries (CCOM) in Hickory, NC. Please see the ministry calendar for the next scheduled meeting.  The purpose of the group is to meet the needs of women who are moving forward in the call of Christ upon their lives. Prayer, praise, teaching, ministry, and encouragement are standard fare in each gathering. Contact Dr. Barrett if you are interested in attending or desire more information.