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Week of 6.29.2020 "The Bible on Race: Righteousness and Justice"

Week of 6.22.2020 "The Bible on Race: One Human Race"

Week of 6.15.2020 "The Bible on Race: In God's Image"

Week of 6.8.2020 "A Letter to America: Yearning to Breathe Free"

Week of 6.1.2020 "The Righteous - Our Minds Are Set"

Week of 5.25.2020 "Am I Righteous?"

 Week of 5.18.2020 "Jesus, In the Midst With Me" (Pt. 2)

Week of 5.11.2020 "Jesus, In the Midst With Me" (Pt. 1)

Week of 5.4.2020 "You are Not a Mere Man (or Woman)"

Week of 4.27.2020 "Facing Your Reality ... With God"

Week of 4.20.2020 "It's a Matter of Trust"

Week of 4.13.2020 "Elevated and Moving Forward"

Week of 4.6.2020 "The World on Pause - Unite Me!"




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