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Start each week with a powerful, encouraging word directed to you! Peace!

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Week of 3.30.2020 "The World on Pause - Believers Arise!"


Week of 3.23.2020 "The World on Pause - Making Corrections"

Week of 3.16.2020 "The World on Pause"

Week of 3.9.2020 "Uniquely You"

Week of 3.2.2020 "Take Steps into Your Purpose"

Week of 2.24.2020 "A Soul at Peace - How? (Part 2)"  

Week of 2.17.2020 "A Soul at Peace (Part 1)"

Week of 2.10.2020 "Preparing for Eternity"

Week of 2.3.2020 "Testing Time"

Week of 1.27.2020 "Is God Santa?"

Week of 1.20.2020 "Overcoming the Pain of the Past"

Week of 1.13.2020 "How I See Me - How God Sees Me"

Week of 1.6.2020 "Keep Going" 


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