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 DSC IrisYou have a valuable life, and I know you want to move forward!

From ministering and counseling over many years, I've learned much about life. I have developed a "Prescription for Life Transformation" sheet. It's a simple list of key steps to consider incorporating into your life. These steps will help move your life forward in God.

See how many steps you're walking in already. Then check for where you've veered from a path of blessing. I'm offering this free gift to YOU!

Friend, we prevail when we pursue a path of true heart change (inward transformation). That's what "The Word is My Life" is all about. If you are interested in real heart and life change, read the many writings provided and watch videos on this website and on my Youtube channel

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When I receive your email, I will return by email the FREE gift to you - "Prescription for Life Transformation." 

If this ministry, its videos, and its writings have impacted you, please share this website with others. God bless you and thank you for allowing this ministry to speak into your life. Let me hear from you!


Ever onward, ever forward~

Dr. Iris Barrett


Dr. Barrett offers writings, teachings, videos, and counsel to support your growth in Christ! God has great plans for you! Reach out today for encouragement that will inspire your heart and launch you forward. Peace to you! 



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