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Dr. Barrett's encouragement series provides hope for dealing with life's problems.  Why is there hope? Because God tells us in His eternal Word that He will show us the path of life (Ps. 16:11) and help us (Is. 41:10). The Word of God has answers.  In each 20-page guide ($6.00 each), scriptures are presented which reveal answers and build hope. You will be encouraged.

Encouragement Titles 


* Freedom from ADDICTION

* Encouragement as You AGE 

* Overcoming ANGER

* Overcoming DEPRESSION 


* Encouragement Through DIVORCE

* Encouragement for Your FAMILY

* Overcoming FEAR


* Encouragement for Your FUTURE

* Comfort in GRIEF 


* Overcoming GUILT

* Seeking God for HEALING

* Encouragement in JOB LOSS

* Overcoming JOB PROBLEMS

* Encouragement for Your MARRIAGE

* Overcoming REJECTION

* Freedom from SEXUAL ABUSE


* Overcoming STRESS



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 PLUS Master Mini-book for Healing:

Choose to Be Whole


Choose to Be Whole is the latest writing by Dr. Iris Barrett. Especially for those experiencing physical illness, this 20-page mini-book will transform your perspective on healing. Dr. Barrett writes from her own experience and includes scripture and instruction on how to combat the enemy, walk in wholeness, and find peace. This 20-page mini-book strengthens the soul and helps you "Choose to Be Whole."



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 You will learn ...

Content that is the same in each mini-book:

  • how to lay a foundation of faith in your life;
  • how to attend to and balance the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your life;
  • how to profess the Word in prayer; 
  • how to overcome spiritually, mentally, and physically;

Content that is different in each mini-book based on title:

  • scriptures that apply to your problem area;
  • Biblical account of how God helped someone facing a similar challenge as yours.



Encouragement: Freedom from Addiction reveals how a man from the Bible was headed toward self-destruction until Jesus intervened and set him free.  Let the Word help you overcome addiction.

Encouragement as You Age reveals the account of one man in the Bible who displayed vigor and determination in serving God even in his old age.  He boldly claimed the promises of God merited by his faithfulness.  Let the Word help you as you age and mature.

Encouragement: Overcoming Anger reveals how God dealt with His own anger and showed mercy to His children in spite of that wrath.  Let the Word help you deal with anger and not commit sin.

Encouragement: Making Difficult Decisions reveals how a man in the Bible expressed dependence on God for wisdom to lead others and make decisions. We see God’s loving response.  Let the Word show you the way of wisdom and right decision making.

Encouragement: Overcoming Depression reveals a servant's willingness to talk with God honestly and God's response to provide relief and comfort.  Let the Word shine light and hope into dark days.

Encouragement Through Divorce shows God’s willingness to provide strength despite the disappointment that occurs when relationships are severed.  Let the Word encourage your heart.

Encouragement for Your Family demonstrates how God can repair even the worst of familial conflict. Forgiveness is a critical element in these situations.  Let the Word show you God's desires for your family.

Encouragement: Overcoming Financial Problems reveals how a man from the Bible made a decision to handle money wisely and saw God move on his behalf.  Let the Word reveal God's plan for your financial stability.

Encouragement: Overcoming Fear reveals how God moved for his people when armies rose up to destroy them and caused them to fear for their lives.  Let the Word encourage you for God has given you the power, love, and a sound mind to be free from fear.

Encouragement for Your Future reveals how an imprisoned man in the Bible trusted God for his future, and God did not disappoint.  Let the Word show you God's plans for you -- to give you a hope and a future.

Encouragement: Comfort in Grief shows God’s intervening hand in the midst of our grief.  Let the Word comfort you; God speaks to you through His Word.

Encouragement: Overcoming Guilt demonstrates God’s willingness to forgive those who are repentant of sin.  Let the Word lead you into repentance, forgiveness (even of yourself), and freedom.

Encouragement: Seeking God for Healing reveals how Jesus moves to heal according to our faith.  Let the Word build your faith for healing, restoration, and divine health.

Encouragement in Job Loss identifies, in particular, the losses suffered by one person in the Bible and God’s willingness and ability to restore.  Let the Word encourage your heart that God is in control, and He has the power to restore all.

Encouragement: Overcoming Job Problems demonstrates God’s blessing to those who do what is wise and correct – even though they are under a difficult taskmaster or are in a difficult situation. Let the Word reveal God's blessings for the righteous; He makes you productive and fruitful regardless of your situation.

Encouragement for Your Marriage shows how God blesses when at least one person in a marriage will hold to his or her faith in God and act accordingly.  Allow God's Word to encourage you to hold fast to your faith as you look for God's all-wise and divine guidance in your marital situation. 

Encouragement: Overcoming Rejection reveals how God receives, and moves for, those who are rejected by others.  Let the Word enfold you with God's acceptance of you - He calls you beloved.

Encouragement: Freedom from Sexual Abuse reveals one from the Bible who took the ultimate abuse, sought God, and received a great reward.  Let the Word show you how God will exchange abuse and shame for honor and joy.

Encouragement: Freedom from Sexual Addiction reveals God’s response to a repentant heart.  Let the Word set you free from sexual sin. Do not allow yourself to remain in bondage, even bondage to your own flesh. Yes, it is for freedom that Christ set you free. 

Encouragement: Overcoming Stress reveals God’s presence to help in moments of great pressure and stress.  Let the Word show you God's desire that you rest, be still, and cast your cares upon Him.

Encouragement: Freedom from Suicidal Thoughts shows God’s ability to encourage and deliver us from our deepest distresses even when we despair of life, as did two men in the Bible.  Let God's Word open your eyes -- Jesus came so that you may live.  Choose life.

Encouragement: Overcoming Unforgiveness reveals how God moved upon a man, greatly wronged, to bless him richly through his forgiving heart.  Let the Word show you the need to forgive and how it benefits you!


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