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Choose to BE WHOLE

Price: $8.00

Choose to Be Whole is the latest writing by Dr. Iris Barrett. Especially for those experiencing physical illness, this 20-page mini-book will transform your perspective on healing. Dr. Barrett writes from her own experience and includes scripture and instruction on how to combat the enemy, walk in wholeness, and find peace. This 20-page mini-book strengthens the soul and helps you "Choose to Be Whole."


 You will learn ...

Content that is the same in each mini-book:

  • how to lay a foundation of faith in your life;
  • how to attend to and balance the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your life;
  • how to profess the Word in prayer; 
  • how to overcome spiritually, mentally, and physically;

Content that is different in each mini-book based on title:

  • scriptures that apply to your problem area;
  • Biblical account of how God helped someone facing a similar challenge as yours.

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