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Testimonials of God's Goodness!


God is changing lives! Yours can change, too!

For almost two decades, God has allowed me to teach and counsel through "The Word is My Life" Training Ministry and Christian Community Outreach Ministries (CCOM) in Hickory, NC. I have ministered to over 4000 persons - face to face, one-on-one - for the purpose of helping them find the path for their lives in the Kingdom of God. Praise God for launching this sanctuary ministry!

Hear first from the Director of Christian Community Outreach Ministries, Steve Workman. He mentions the face-to-face counsel offered here in Hickory, NC, but ONLINE COUNSEL is also available. Reach out to me from my contact page.

Steve Workman, Executive Director of Christian Community Outreach Ministries

Testimonials from Clients

Receiving Renewed Strength 

When I think about "The Word is My Life" Training Ministry and the work of Dr. Barrett, this is what comes to mind. I have received encouragement through your personal Christian witness and the Word, a true Christian mentor relationship, personal counsel and small group counsel through the Word, a safe place and refuge, a welcoming heart - free of judgment, small group prayer support, and renewed strength in applying the Word in my own life and in other leadership roles. 

I see in Iris Barrett these gifts and abilities: personal integrity expressed in all areas of her life; powerful prayer life; encourager; caring; vigilant for self and others; humble, loving, kind, merciful, patient; relatable, accessible, friendly; accountable to Christ and others; a leader by example, life lines up with truth; exceptional teacher, speaker, preacher; professional manner; prayerful, purposeful and deliberate in carrying out mission; attention to detail, preparation, planning; strong leadership, clarity, decisiveness; and ability to relate to all people--from great leaders to the "outcasts", from the strong to the weak.  - V.P.

Clearly Seeing the Problem and Finding the Way Out

Dr. Iris, you have been such an inspiration to me, as well as an incredible resource, that I just can’t thank you enough. As you know, I have been to counseling for quite some time, but for whatever reason I feel I was almost at a standstill and wasn’t really making any headway until I came to you. As I began to reflect on the questions you asked me, I realize that there are two primary things that I have been able to gain from your expertise and your knowledge, which we know comes directly from God. First of all, you have been able to take all of my mess and chaos, sift through it, and clearly see what the problem was. Where others may have gotten caught up in details, you have had a clear eye and a clear head for determining what exactly my issue was and how I needed to go about addressing the problem. It is almost as though you can wade through all of the sludge and determine the way out. I guess that I would say you have been able to see the big picture, or the overall picture if you will, of what was going on in my life and my relationship with God. I feel like other counseling I have received may have focused more on the details, but you were able to clear away all the details and see the overarching concept of what needed to be handled. I see that you have a true connection with our Father and are very passionate about that connection. In addition, you are direct and to the point, which I really appreciate. I don’t need anyone to sit there and tell me what I want to hear but I want to know the truth and you definitely speak the truth, painful or not. 

I believe you have a true Gift for being able to see into people and be able to determine what is wrong and be able to give them very simple and doable solutions to help them better their lives and improve their relationship with God. I appreciate that you have a zero tolerance for foolishness and are there to work and to facilitate changes in peoples’  lives. You have no tolerance for people wasting your time or their time. I appreciate this no nonsense approach very much. Secondly,  I believe that God gives you messages and thoughts directly and not everyone has that ability or maybe doesn’t know how to tap into that ability. You clearly do. For example, you received some scriptures that God told you to write down for me even before we met for the very first time. These important scriptures were very poignant with what was going on in my life, even though I never even realized it at the time. You have a true passion and love for helping others and inspiring women. I am so blessed to know you. I hope this gives you an idea of what you bring to my life and how you’ve helped me. Thank you!  - L.B.

Allowing the Word to Do the Work

Our sessions allowed me to get out everything I wanted to say while it was on my mind, and Scripture was always provided to me for the issues I presented. I’ve been able to sort through areas of my life that were darkened by tragedy, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, and bitterness. The Holy Spirit has softened my heart where it was once hard, and I’ve been able to seek Him more with the help of your guidance. I’ve become more aware of the Spirit in my own life. I’m learning  to “Extend Grace”, and it’s such a beautiful feeling.

So often, I believe people tiptoe around the truth in fear of the response they’ll receive. One of your abilities is giving truth through the Word and allowing the Word to do the work. Giving me scripture and “homework” makes me feel accountable; like I have to be prepared for the next visit. I like feeling challenged.

I admire that you are so passionate about what God has done, is doing, and is going to do in your life. When you share portions of your own life and how God has worked in you, it gives me hope that he can work on me and give me passion for Him too. - T.J.

Focusing on the Love of God and the Word of God

Dr. Barrett, I see you are equipped to teach others how to "lead in love" specifically the love of God. You teach a person how to lead their business or ministry while staying founded on the love of God. You teach a person how to lead themselves, their family, their relationships while remaining founded on the love of God. 

And what I see is your tenacity to assure each person understands that God's word has and is every answer to every question, dilemma, crisis or situation they will face. And you do that in the manner of "I am in the trenches right there with you" and NOT by bludgeoning them for not knowing better.

Your ministry brought the heady mixture of God's grace and mercy with the lighthouse of His truth and wisdom in some of my arguably darkest hours. - T.D.

I Believe Again

So many things have happened over my life. I lost my father in 2001, my brother in 2015, my mother in 2015, and my husband in 2015. Now, I’m taking care of my other brother who has mental limitations. I love him dearly, but it always seems like there is nothing left for me. I was ready to give up when I went to take a friend to CCOM for financial assistance. I met Steve and we talked and talked. I loved every minute of it. Then I met Iris. She is the best friend I could ever have. She made me realize I had everything to live for. She is a true friend and a true sister in Christ. If you want the Spirit of God on you, just come see her and Steve. They can't help if you don't come in. I would recommend both of them if you are troubled. Come see them. I have never felt better. Iris and Steve really helped me. Sister Iris helped me believe again. I can’t say enough. Just come.  - S.H.

Opening up the Word of God and Making it Applicable

From my perspective of what I have received - Biblical counseling, teaching, prayer and mentoring - Iris opens up Gods word, making it applicable to life's struggles. I always feel like I have been washed and renewed in the Word after being in counseling and Women's Bible study. As a woman of faith, she has these gifts that are very evident: teaching, mercy, prayer, and the fact that she allows the Holy Spirit to guide all she does and who she is as a woman of God.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to reach broken women and broken people.  - L.H.


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