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“Follow the path that leads to Christ …”

Dr. Iris K. Barrett

Founder, "The Word is My Life" Training Ministry

A Sanctuary and Counseling Ministry for the Soul

A ministry that strengthens the body of Christ to fulfill a glorious life of purpose in Him!

Welcome to “The Word is My Life” Training Ministry!

Dr IrisGod bless you! My name is Dr. Iris Barrett. Let me introduce you to “The Word is My Life” Training Ministry.

The mandate of this ministry is to add souls to God’s Kingdom and nourish them. If you long to grow in your faith, this ministry will walk with you!

Is your life’s path unclear? Do you need more light along the way?  This ministry’s foundation is the eternal Word of God. That Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Ps. 119:105). Reach out to gain clarity and hope!

Are you facing life challenges? Do you need a wise listening ear? This ministry specializes in helping people at a crossroads who need clarity, hope, and wisdom.

Are you a strong believer who wants to grow in spiritual depth? This ministry is for you. I am a teacher, Biblical counselor, writer, and intercessor who has served God intently for decades. I am used of God to raise up the body of Christ to be a royal priesthood and holy nation (1 Peter 2:9). Read testimonials!

Are you ready to move forward in Christ? Pray as you review the many materials on this site. Reach out to me. Let’s build together!

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You’ve found a sanctuary – a home! 

Explore and let’s move forward together!


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