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"The Word is My Life" Training Ministry

MINISTRY & COACHING! Let's Talk Wisdom

So you’re ready to move forward in your life with more purpose and intention? I applaud you!

Would you like a Christian believer to walk alongside you as you pursue God’s plan for your life?

If your answer is yes, then you’ll want to reach out to me, Dr. Iris Barrett.

Well, let’s talk wisdom!

I’m straightforward, yet compassionate. I have a listening ear and an open heart. Now, allow me to share a bit about personal ministry, discipleship, and coaching.

Personal Ministry, Discipleship, Coaching

  • provides an affirming, supportive relationship that taps into your own insights about your life.
  • draws out wisdom from the reservoir within you placed there by God.
  • brings alignment between your life and God’s Word as we discern God’s next steps for your life.
  • provides a path that includes an agenda, expectations, goals, and accountability.

Allow me to make available to you my decades of experience in adult development. Together, we’ll draw out the strengths and capabilities God is already stirring within you. We’ll plot a course forward! 

Matthew 18:20 tells us: “Where two or three are gathered in my (Jesus’) name, there am I among them.”

In many years of training ministry, I’ve consistently seen God bless those who seek Him. He graciously supplies answers. And now, it’s your time! 

Talk Wisdom

We can talk by phone or online over Zoom. Decide today to move past fear or any other hindrance and boldly walk into your pre-ordained purpose. It awaits you! And if you’re ready, so am I. Let’s talk wisdom!

First, please email me at [email protected] to introduce yourself. Let me know why you’re reaching out. Next, if we agree about proceeding forward, click here to schedule a session at your convenience.


Contact Dr. Barrett for rates and packages!

Single 30-Minute Discussion Session

Schedule a time to speak with me for encouragement and life direction. Book your session at the link above!


God bless you as you take steps to move forward in your life. Ever onward, ever forward …