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Encouragement Mini-Guidebooks


Dr. Barrett’s encouragement series provides 22 titles to help you wisely walk through life’s challenges. Each 20-page mini-guidebook provides scriptures on how to overcome a problem area in life as well as instruction on how to walk in spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. These mini-guidebooks are available in print version. Tax and shipping/handling are included in the price.

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Dr. Barrett’s encouragement series provides hope for walking through life’s challenges. Hope exists because God shows us the path of life (Psalm 16:11), and He helps us (Isaiah 41:10). Each 20-page guidebook addresses a particular life problem and how to walk in mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.  You will be encouraged. Note: You have 22 titles from which to choose. Find the help you need!

You will learn

Content that is the same in each mini-guidebook:

  • how to lay a foundation of faith in your life;
  • how to attend to the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of your life;
  • how to profess the Word in prayer;
  • how to overcome spiritually, mentally, and physically;

Content that is different in each mini-guidebook based on title:

  • scriptures that apply to the problem area;
  • a Biblical account of how God helped someone who faced the problem area

Comfort in GRIEF, Encouragement as You AGE, Encouragement for Your FAMILY, Encouragement for Your FUTURE, Encouragement for Your MARRIAGE, Encouragement in JOB LOSS, Encouragement Through DIVORCE., Freedom from ADDICTION, Freedom from SEXUAL ABUSE, Freedom from SEXUAL ADDICTION, Freedom from SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, Making DIFFICULT DECISIONS, Overcoming ANGER, Overcoming DEPRESSION, Overcoming FEAR, Overcoming FINANCIAL PROBLEMS, Overcoming GUILT, Overcoming JOB PROBLEMS, Overcoming REJECTION, Overcoming STRESS, Overcoming UNFORGIVENESS, Seeking God for HEALING